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I'm a Freak... - Your Not So Great Your Self [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Where the freaks can be loved...

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I'm a Freak... [Oct. 30th, 2005|01:18 pm]
Where the freaks can be loved...



Name: Adele (or Addy)
Age: Fourteen
Location: A house
Sign: Pieces
Current Thoughts: It's amazing how mindless rambling and unbiased phobias have become the law of the land. Stereotypes define society's view points, and humanity has become nothing more than a sickening battle between the educated and the downright ignorant. We all accommodate others' stupidity or laziness while we should really be making useful, productive advances in technology and the world in general.

Current Music: "Sweet Dreams" by Marilyn Manson

Top 3 Bands:
1. AFI
2. Slipknot
3. Raimstein

Top 3 Movies:
1. Edward Scissorhands
2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
3. White Noise

What makes YOU a freak?: To me, the definition of 'Freak' is someone who twists their stereotype or label that was cast upon them by the judge-mental fools around them. A freak is someone who doesn't quite fit into the mold they are presented with, or expected to uphold. Therefore, I believe I am a freak merely because I am intelligent and emotional, while others think my gothic style reflects only coldness and hatred. I am not necessarily interested in meeting new people or befriending them, but I am amazingly intrigued or disgusted by them. I make observations and attempt to delve further into the human mind. I try to figure the world out and figure myself out in the midst of my own battle with my own feelings. People look at me and don't expect me to be anything more than a person wrapped up in suicidal thoughts - which I sort of am, but that's exactly what makes me ponder the complexity of the human mind and people. I rely on thoughts as opposed to impulse, unlike most others, and I am the type of person who communicates their feelings better in writing.

I am a helpless romantic, although most perceive me as a person who would say that love 'sucks'. I put an angelic light on demented things, and cast a more devilish light on things that are meant to be beautiful.

Name the 1st thing that pops in your head:

Cock: Sucker
Blood: Vampire
Gore: Murder
Corpse: Bride
Homophobia: Ignorance; a ridiculous phobia that seems to be imposed upon the world.
And God: Non-existent, in my opinion.